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Train your staff in new technologies or risk wasting your investment!


Conducting training for your staff is one of the most important ways to ensure that your investment in new technology is not wasted. This is doubly important for salespeople who are not computer people but people people, as they should be. We believe in this so much, that we won't take any CRM implementation project that does not identify a training method. We don't just want your business, we want you to be so successful that you tell others about what Raging Sanity Consultants can do for them!

Our trainers not only know the technology we provide, they also know HOW to train as well. In fact, two of our staff are adjunct professors trained in pedagogy and have hundreds of hours of teaching experience.  We can provide training for users and administrators of RingCentral and the CRM solutions we provide.


We can provide training Monday - Saturdays via:


  •  Off site classroom
  •  On site training room
  •  Web Conferencing
  •  Individualized training

Contact us for details.

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