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Raging Sanity Consultants will help you Increase your bottom line by:

  • Improving your internal and external communications.
  • Improving customer experience and retention.
  • Improving employee productivity via process automation and elimination of redundancies.
  • Giving you tools to improve your Marketing ROI.
  • Giving you access to company data from anywhere, on any device.
  • Giving you access to timely business intelligence.

It's Worth it!

Business Wire reports that a IDC study found that businesses that successfully implemented a Customer Relationship Management system saw an increase in sales from 16% to 1000%. While cites Nucleus Research study that found a $5.60 ROI for every $1 spent on a successful CRM implementation. Clearly, the right CRM solution will pay for itself rather quickly.

Expert Help Makes a Difference

It is no secret that successful CRM implementations are challenging. This is because it in not merely an upgrade in  technology, but involves an upgrade in processes which impact organizational culture. In fact, studies have shown that process improvement, an important step in a successful CRM implementation, is a greater factor in increased sales than the technology itself. Many otherwise good implementations also fail because of insufficient investment in employee training and choosing a CRM product that does not fit your organization's needs.

Allow our "Best of Breed" Customer Relationship Management  and Voice Over IP technology solutions, combined with our many years of experience in implementation, customization and training, help you take your organization to the next level.

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